Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Prodigal Dragon

Today is a happy day!
That is my dragonita, Pogona.
She is a well-traveled lizard,
having lived with me in the US, France, & Spain.
About 6 months ago she disappeared.
I don't keep her in a terrarium,
so I have to be careful to keep the door closed.
I thought she got out, and I looked and looked and looked,
but I never found her.
I thought she wanted her freedom,
and so I just hoped for her safety out in the wild.
But no!
This morning I walked halfway downstairs
and stopped in my tracks,
as I saw right there on the middle of the kitchen floor
a big dragon!
And not just any big dragon, 
Pogona my lost lizard!
Oh my joy at finding her healthy!
She was cold and cobwebby,
but otherwise just fine.
I am so happy to have my baby back!